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About us


SWGT’s design philosophy stems from the conversations with the self, interaction of the self with the surroundings enabling balance within the landscapes of creativity and inspiration. Aesthetic expressions of the designer with the artistic skills are communicated in the form of indigenous techniques and abstract fabric stories.  

Design practice of the studio involves amalgamation of Indian craft traditions with a contemporary outlook. It aims to acquire an aesthetic milieu between abstract nuances of art and fashion.  

SWGT presents a nouveau take on contemporary Indian and western bodice, representing fashion narratives with an eclectic twist. We intend to showcase a modern take on Nomadic expressions, through traditional weaves that mimic textures inspired from age old rocks and terrains of Himalayas. Our materials and colors reflect human instincts and connect with nature. We treasure Indian handicrafts and it’s stories woven within, bringing our creations a step closer to the celebration of Indian craftsmanship. We invite to embark this journey on this journey of refined splendor with us. 

SWGT’s inception took place at the time of our founders childhood among the hills of Uttarakhand. A humble youth spent relishing nature in its essence and the grace with which its elements change over various seasons. 

Moving to the cities for further education only strengthened our connect with the land we left behind, only to make multiple trips back ‘home’ to relive the days, the air and the mighty mountains that shaped our way of life.

The brand officiates this affection and intimacy with a mountain life that we share with anyone and everyone who has ever rejoiced in the calm of nature up above the hills. 

Over the years, we have grown to believe in the luxury of nature, often seen among the scarce life among the mountains. We at SWGT are in awe of the pine leaves, the succulents, the dew that are synonymous with a life that is close to the natural world, away and above the packed city life. A stroll among the mountains enables us to put our love for the very environment in our work that is perennial, utilizing the millions of years that nature put in its development. 

About the designer

Shweta Gupta, a fashion and textile practitioner has been contributing to fashion since 2004. She is an alumna of National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar where she received the best Garment Construction Award for her graduation collection and participated at World of Wearable Arts in New Zealand as a young college graduate. Her repertoire stems from being part of the creative teams of the stalwarts of the fashion industry namely Tarun Tahiliani, Gaurav Gupta until she started her own practice.