Making – SWGT


In the span of the work we have developed at SWGT, we have devised a process that allows for a creative journey from start to finish of a garment collection. These stages help us define a collection –– beginning from its mood. A trip to the mountains help us do exactly that.

A series of objects collected in our trails among the ranges inspire the next phases of textile design, pattern making and technique development. Weavers in Chanderi, who have been our long time partners in this journey initiate weaving cottons and silks as we share our findings with them each time we embark on constructing the textile story of the season. This happens alongside the skillful creation of minimal waste patterns designed to mimic a light duvet of mountain air.

Time and again we have utilised smocking, faggoting, pleat tucks in our work that function as identities in a SWGT outfit. Our recent collections have explored techniques such as hand crochet and embroidery techniques from Northern India that further our collection as a multi-cultural mix of influences.

All these processes are synced together in a way that keeps the brand’s carbon footprint in check, that is understand as our primary responsibility as a creative enterprise.